There is one thing most women have learned about taking care of their skin: To choose the right products for their skin type (oily, dry or combination) and their lifestyles. Jane Iredale products are ones that just about every woman will find works fabulously for their skin.
This jane iredale starter kit is perfect to use!

If you’re like most women then you’ll be comfortable choosing this mineral makeup because it is one that has been approved for use on sensitive skin and, most importantly, does not include oil, talc, perfume, alcohol, fragrance or dye; all ingredients that have proven to be damaging and unhealthy for skin. When you use these products you get the added benefit of protecting your skin from damaging ultraviolet rays while using the PurePressed base, Powder-me, Lip-drink, Dream Tint and Amazing Base loose products. For eyes, there are several long-lasting liners and shadows, elucidating highlighters, smooth mascaras and gentle makeup removers. The lipsticks and glosses are equally luxurious and can be matched to streak-free blushers and bronzers that come in tones to suit the majority of complexions. Also, included in the line are top-quality applicator brushes to make makeup application easier, faster and smoother.

All of those benefits of this makeup were well thought out when the line was created in 1994 after the creator had spent years observing the damaging effects synthetic and oil-based makeup products had on facial skin, which is extremely sensitive compared to other parts of the body. Infused with organic ingredients, which dermatologists and plastic surgeons support, the mineral foundation provides even coverage that doesn’t clog or damage pores and that works to bring out the natural beauty of every woman. Ultimately, natural beauty is what nearly all women are looking for when choosing makeup. Once the right product type is chosen then “putting on your face” is as easy as can be, and then you can do the happy dance to celebrate all the benefits of Jane Iredale:

• Organic ingredients
• UV protection
• Illuminating highlighters
•Clump-free mascaras
•Gentle makeup removers
• Luxurious lip products

•Long-lasting liners
• Streak-free blushes
• Smooth bronzers
• Oil free
• Talc free
• Perfume free
• Alcohol free
• Fragrance free
• Dye free
• Easy and quick to apply
• Cost effective
• Non-damaging, non-clogging to pores
• Approved by dermatologist and plastic surgeons

The purchasing choices are beneficial as well. If you don’t want to buy full-sized products then you can try them out by getting the starter kit or sample kit. The sample kit includes two foundations (one pressed and one loose), blush, eye shadow, concealer, lip plumper, lip balm, lip color as well as one foundation/blush brush and eye shadow, lip plumper and concealer brushes. All of that is packaged in a compact box with magnetic closures.

The starter kit is a convenient, portable kit that has everything you need for dazzling skin. There is a different kit for each of the six skin types and they all include PurePressed Base, Dream Tint, PurePressed Blush and L.A. Just Kissed lip color – all in the correct skin type color. Each kit also includes three brushes for base, blush and concealer.
With the Jane Iredale makeup line you’ll have everything you need to take care of your skin… and be beautiful while doing it.