SkinMedica is a popular high-end brand of skincare products. They sell a wide variety of over-the-counter aesthetic products as well as a collection of professional products that are sold exclusively at dermatologists offices. The brand's products have also been raved about on various media outlets including Dr. Oz Show, Access Hollywood, Allure magazine, Elle magazine, and Lucky magazine. Here is a guide to some of the best products in the SkinMedica line and why they are good.

SkinMedica Sensitive Skin Cleanser is a gentle face wash that features natural ingredients like Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract and Cucumber Fruit Extract, just two key ingredients that calm the skin. The best skin cleansers are always made with natural ingredients and minimal chemicals. The SkinMedica Sensitive Skin Cleanser certainly does not disappoint.

Tri-Retinol Complex is a special formula made from three types of vitamin A which come together to fight the signs of aging and improve the overal texture of the skin. Apply pumpful of this onto your face and neck, blending carefully to make sure it absorbs well into your skin. Use this product at least once a day and you'll notice improvements within days.

Environmental Defense Sunscreen SPF 50+ is the one product that's ideal for all skin types. This water resistant formula provides a full spectrum of UV protection, antioxidant protection, and UV ProPlex, the latter which helps distribute the formula on the skin.  It's recommended to reapply sunscreen often, especially after heavy activity and water activities.

TNS Illuminating Eye Cream is an eye-brightening cream that was formulated with TNS, Chrysin, and Hydrosuccinimide. Use this cream twice a day to improve your skin's appearance and brighten up the under-eye area. The TNS Illuminating Eye Cream is recommended for those with early to moderate signs of aging.

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