Women strive to find that one product line that will make them feel  more beautiful, youthful and refreshed. VIVITÉ® is the answer to one stop skin care.  It’s exclusive GLX TechnologyTM, which helps to protect skin from the harmful effects of environmental stress factors known as free radicals, which can attack and prematurely age skin, is a formula that helps to infuse the skin with a glycolic compound and antioxidants to facilitate optimum skin rejuvenation. 

The VIVITÉ® line helps to make your skin shine with exfoliation and rich hydration while providing protection your skin.  You can rest assured that you will feel confident putting your best face forward and be proud to show off your décolletage and soft and youthful shoulders in that cute new dress or bathing suit.   VIVITÉ® uses natural ingredients to enhance your skin’s radiance.  Give this skin care line a chance and you will have no need for a vanitiy full of varied skin products.  VIVITÉ® is really the answer that women are looking for to feel fresh and cute each day. 

When you feel beautiful, you feel more confident and sexy.   Being proud of your appearance can make you feel confident and powerful.  A small change in your life like introducing VIVITÉ® into your skin care regimen can make you feel refreshed not only on the outside, but also within.  Confidence budding from within shows in your posture, smile and everyday interactions with people.  So, do something special for yourself today and change the way you look at yourself.  Reveal the refreshed you and give VIVITÉ® a try, you will not regret it.  VIVITÉ® provides exfoliation, hydration and protection for your skin.  What more can you ask for in a skin care line?

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